Trevor Hewitt better known by his stage name T-Drive is an accomplished reggae singer from Jamaica. The affable singer was born and raised in the deep farming community of High gate Trelawny, there he attended the Lowe River All Age School.

T-Drive showed tremendous musical promise from an early age and so, he directed all his energy into the pursuit of a vibrant career in music. He loved the stage while growing up and he performed at numerous school functions and community festivals to roaring crowds of fans. The encouragement he received from his audience further propelled him to becoming a professional recording artiste.

Prior to the name T-Drive, the artiste took on another moniker, G-NIUS but opted to change the name because of the confusion with Stephen McGregor aka Di Genius.

Intrigued by the magnetic hold Jamaica’s music has had on popular culture throughout history, T-Drive set on his musical journey to create a bit of history himself.

T-Drive has made a lasting impression on many local and international hearts. He is passionately called “Singing Sport” because his sweet melodies and his smooth delivery.
His music is described as soulful reggae and is always honest and always real. When he sings one cannot help but be captivated by his soulful sound and his bold lyrics.

His first single “Play a Song for Me” has made the number one spot on the Atlanta Reggae Charts. He has received great acclaim and steady rotations in London as well, while local airwaves try to catch up with his international surge. With the rave reviews from media pundits and critics across the world, T-Drive strengthened his focus to ensure that he always delivered.

T-Drive spent four months recording at Vision I Studio in Hudderfield, St Mary under the musical tutelage of Vision Rodrigues and Fatt String. He has also done sessions under the guidance of Doc at Caveman Studios with pulsating results.

So far, T-Drive has created a lot of buzz with his demo sampler “Give Me Your Love Girl” for its catchy lyrics and driving bass. His song “Just One” was heavily lauded especially overseas, with the expertise of Reggae Maestro Ernie Ranglin accentuating with his rich staccato flicks. Glen DaCosta, Veteran saxophonist spiced up the tune with his haunting sax sounds making T Drive’s music indelible and truly enduring.

T- Drive further cemented his success in 2010 with his debut album “Africa Rise”, which was very well received in especially Africa and Europe.

Currently he is promoting the hit single “Nah Left Yet” under So Serious Record label. The accompanying vide has been doing extremely well and cane be seen on stations such as CVM TV, BOJ TV, HYPE TV and RE TV.

Currently, T-Drive has been working closely with Black Love Productions and looks forward to great things to come from this collaboration.

Over the years T- Drive has had the pleasure of travelling to Europe on tour and has been to places such as Denmark, Zurich, Germany Italy France and Bahamas in the Caribbean.

Blessed with an abundance of talent and a plethora of lyrics, T Drive is well on his way to becoming one of the most talked about names in the business.

“God is my light and my salvation, my success in life depends on the almighty God.”