This song was written in reflection of the birth of each of my children. The love I felt when they came into this world was unexplainable. My love for them grew stronger everyday. Children are an extension of both mothers and fathers. Always love, keep them safe, and make this world a better place for them.
I love you! 

The Day You Came Into This World

Written and produce by Donald “Magnum” Godelia for Globalforce Reggae.
Vocalist Fiona “Empress Chai” Forrest.
Bass line and instrumental tracks played by the late great Christopher “Bass” Meredith, except for the lead guitar which was played by Ian” Beezy” Coleman.
Recorded and mix by Geoffrey Forrest at Tiny Cube Studio.
Mastered by Mike Fuller at Fuller Sound Mastering Studio. 
Cover artwork design by Darien “Darioo’s Wrld” Godelia.

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