Born Kayolin Martin in Sav-La-Mar and grew up in Smithfield, Westmoreland with her great-grandaunt until she was 7 years old and went to live with her mother while her father was ever-present in her life. The Reggae/Dancehall artiste went by the moniker Lady Cay, a name she got from becoming popular in dancing at various events. However, the name was altered in April 2021 to Cay-Z, a name that reflects her versatility. She attended the Godfrey Stewart High School, then got certified in cooking due to her initial love for the kitchen, and went on to work as a waitress at a Beaches Resort hotel.

Cay-Z got her start in music singing in church from a very young age. She was a member of her youth choir and this built her confidence to perform on stage. While there are no other musicians in her family, they are all lovers of music; with Maxi Priest being a major influence to her, growing up watching his performances on VHS during those video cassette/VCR days. Later on, Cay-Z developed a passion for songs by Etana. This fed her desire to do music more, leading her to the stage and performing at parties, weddings, and competing in various talent shows against other upcoming artists, winning multiple awards.

While working at Beaches, Cay-Z gained an even greater experience by joining a band and performing on stage for a diverse audience visiting Jamaica from all over the world. The feeling inspires her up to today: singing with a band, the stage, the love, and motivation from the audience. Cay-Z moved to the Turks & Caicos Islands in 2013, continued working for Beaches Resorts and building her fan base there. Producers from Triple Bro Records recognized her talent and began working with her, releasing her first official single, “Whining Up” in 2018. She has since signed with the label based in the Turks & Caicos Islands and dropped “Can’t Get Enough” in 2019, “Survivor” in 2020 as Lady Cay and “Facetime” ready for a planned release in 2021. Currently, Cay-Z is working on an EP.

In due time, the dedicated artiste would like to see herself traveling the world, bringing good music to global Dancehall fans. Cay-Z is hoping that by then, older artists would collaborate more with the younger ones. She is yet to work with any other artist or producer other than those from Triple Bro Records.

Her message to other upcoming artists is: “Always believe in yourself. Age doesn’t have a barrier or a start for talent. Keep motivated even when it seems like it’s a rough road to accomplish your dreams. Hold on. A test is always there to be completed before success. Let self-love and confidence continues to flow positiveness through your veins.

To date, Cay-Z states that so far, she has not been given any negative feedback, but instead, all strength from every avenue. The Turks & Caicos’ support has been phenomenal with a very strong fan base. It is the belief that having Triple Bro Records behind her, providing the right team and the support are all she needs to bring her career to higher heights.

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Written by: Lesley Hayles