About Us

Globalforce Reggae is a musical team whose aim is to promote reggae music globally. Our goal is to work with new and foundation artiste so that they can reach their full potential. We are here for your musical recordings, mixing, mastering, digital distributions and graphic designs. We will ensure performance rights and help secure royalties for your published/sold songs. 

A Global Thanks

If there is ever a music that’s recognized globally, its REGGAE music! This music from the island of Jamaica is listened to and adapted on every continent. Regardless of language spoken, everyone loves this sound. It’s so amazing that such a little island could produce such a sort after music. Thanks to the foundation and young song writers, artist, musician, engineers’ producers, promoters, disc jockeys, reggae lovers and this includes everyone who participate in any way to spread our beautiful sound.

To you, Globalforcereggae say THANKS!!