Alexander Coombs also known as the artist Little Pinchers (aka Sir Alexander) began his music career in 1985 on the island of Jamaica. Originally from the parish of St. Ann. He grew up listening to the music of reggae greats like Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Tenor Saw, Yellow Man, Sugar Minott and Pinchers (after whom is named).

As a dj and singer Little Pinchers entered various competitions in which he took first place. He continued to enter competitions and build on his craft.

A consummate professional, Little Pinchers is a singer whose music is as he describes, “For the mature audiences.” He takes you back to the original reggae vibe, entertaining and soothing music. Little Pinchers is a highly talented individual, who pens his own lines and has a great passion for music. As one producer puts it, “he has the drive and conviction necessary to make great music.”

He has worked with different artists such as Sugar Minot, Taurus Riley, Everton Blender, Pinchers and many others.

As he continues to perfect his craft you can find him performing in different venues including in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. He has even made appearance at the monthly Highlanda Sound Rocksteady Music event, where he captivated the audience.
We look forward to hearing more music in the future from the gifted, and talented singer-song writer – Little Pinchers * The Lyrical One.