Damian Morgan who has no connection to Morgan Heritage, but his musical content has the substance to take him international. This new sensation “Keywee” (a name bestowed upon him by Khago) says he has the keys to open the musical doors to fame.

Manchester born, Keywee first moved to St. Catherine to perused his dreams to become a musician and now resides in Kingston. He has expressed his desire to change our youths in three words, “Music Over Crime.” This is part of Just for Peace International hit slogan. So, when he decided to join that organization it was no surprise.
Music critics feel Keywee’s long-standing link with Khago has also helped him to hit the right notes to send his positive message across the globe.
This is evident when the sing-jay dug deep and mined “The System”, a song he described as one for dis-enchanted youths. A few lines are:
“ Nuff youths a hustle and a try fi break it
Nuff tun barber, nuff waitress
While some a tief, some a rapist
Who nuh tun pick-pocket tun lotto scammers…
Keywee does not brace negativity so he took his message further with “Blessing a Pour”
“Jah Jah Bless Wi
No Man can curse wi
Dem a trigger happy and blood thirsty
Watch dem a plan fi hearse wi…”
Keywee also record the song “No waggonist”in 2014 which was rotated on local and international radio stations.
Keywee recalled, like most entertainers, knocking desk-tops which provided a make-shift rhythm for his songs while attending Christiana High School in Manchester. His audience then, were his classmates, who gave him thumbs up when teachers were not around or late for classes.
Having form a quartet (Guillotine), he recalled his musical vibes got stronger. However, this was short-lived, as the group did not last for long. Destined to become an entertainer, Keywee, stepped out of the shadow of artiste like Beenie Man and Buju Banton whose lyrics he kept on doing and began writing his own.
When asked what these lyrics were, Keywee smiled gleefully, ‘the usual girls lyrics.” He later met Khago, Wayne Marshall and others including Not Nice and DJ Frass. His first song ‘Jah Keep Holding’ was released locally and in Europe. This was a combination with Deejay Braveman. He recorded other songs including ‘Don’t Study Evil’ and ‘Never Want To Stay Alone’ . He also performed on several local community shows.
He left St. Catherine for Kingston, determined not to lose those golden keys and in 2011 recorded ‘The System’ and ‘Blessing a Pour’. He later enhanced this with a music video. Keywee further went on to record songs like ‘ Goose Bumps’ and ‘Program’. He recently completed a FI WI MEDIA ALL ISLAND TOUR and his latest project , a promotion CD with the title ‘ Keywee THE GAL DEM FRUIT’.
For the future, Keywee, says he would like to achieve a Grammy and to give back to the youths who will be able to make a positive change in society.

Source: globalforcereggae