O.D. born Odonald Christopher Haughton on August 28th, 1993 is a Jamaican singer/songwriter who has quickly gained recognition through his imaginative lyrics and angelic vocal capabilities.

As a young boy growing up in the parish of St. James, he said, “I’ve always had a passion for music from an early age”. He grew up in church watching his siblings, whom had a naturally ability for music both vocally and instrumentally which was his first introduction and attraction to the world of music.
His interest in music grew as he got older experiencing life first hand and the struggles he faced both domestically and in the outside world, “Music became therapeutic; release”, listening to artist such as John Legend and T.I.
Whom also became his musical influences as he felt the narrative of their songs spoke directly to some of the struggles he faced.
In October of 2016 he decided to take the gift seen in him to another level by doing his first studio recordings. His versatility as a song writer and vocalist attracted the attention of local entrepreneurs/Artistes where he has garnered a great demand to write for various business entities i.e. the Destination Party App among others, while ghostwriting for other artistes. He realized the impact of his ability as a writer, when he fused his singing style with rapping and how it peaked the interest of his listening audience giving the feel of listening to the best of both worlds on a single track.
Two of his studio singles “All Night” & “Hello Beautiful” has created a buzz on YouTube channels and the social media platforms that he uses. His newest studio single “Money” has become a fan favorite, as many feel the realness in his lyrics and the passion in his vocal delivery. These songs have shown great promise in his future as an Artiste and have set him on his path to achieve his goal of globally touching the souls of people through his music, while absorbing everything needed to master his craft, In 2018 O.D. started working with Christopher G Records where he recorded his first single for Christopher G Records titled “Fire Love“ Produce by Christopher G Records & distribute by Glow Media Digital Distribution, you can find O.D. on IG @the_od_

Source: Christopher G Records