In 1978, Ryan Lynton aka GucciBoss was born in Guyana,
South America. His family moved to Jamaica when he was one year
old and his family later moved to Brooklyn, NY. Reggae inspired the music of Gucci Boss, however it’s important to understand he has cultivated his own sound. His father, Boltman AKA Tiger of Sound System Thunderbolt and his Uncle Major B, were of the top DJ’s in Berbice, Guyana. Signing to Scribe Productions in 1991, at 13 years old, he began his career as a Reggae artist.

In 2003, After an attempt on his life in a botched robbery, he moved to New Jersey and started a group called the “Reggae Diplomats.” Becoming an on-air personality at a New Jersey local radio morning show called “Traffic Blocking.”In 2006, while working at the radio station GucciBoss met Cap D. While working on events for the radio station together

they discovered they had more than enough chemistry to move forward together. The Duo started experimenting with a new co-mingling of music in 2011 with Rock and Hip Hop, and decided to call themselves THE BLACK PEARL.

His talent and skills provided him the opportunity to become one of the leading DJ’s to represent New York City’s Reggae culture. Due to tradition and culture, it was important for GucciBoss to finish college. Upon completing his degree in Business Management and Law, opportunity knocked, moving to Colorado and work for Jones Radio Network, Media America. GucciBoss found himself behind the scenes learning the business aspect of music. With new singles “The Jog,” and “Wyld Life,” GucciBoss expects to have an outstanding breakthrough for his musical career in 2018. Opening for artist such as KMC, Guyana’s number one artist Natural Black, Soca artists Lyrikal and DeMarco. Meanwhile, opening for musical legend Wyclef Jean on February 9, 2018.

Currently, the CEO of DonLink JuzWun Entertainment is looking to continue growing his company from the ground up. Providing opportunities to people who are counted out is the foundation of DonLink. According to GucciBoss, “The man who will never get a chance, can always get a chance with me!” GucciBoss exemplifies what it takes to live the American dream. Reggae is an internationally renowned genre, however, Kwe-Kwe has inspired the music of GucciBoss primarily. Reading this you may wonder what is Kwe-Kwe, it is a Guyanese pre-wedding tradition in which Gucci has implemented within his sound. GucciBoss’s music and the DonLink JuzWun family can be found on SoundCloud, Youtube, and Instagram for further business inquiries.

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Source:Donlink Zukwun