Godelia hoping to take music global
By Simone Morgan-Lindo
Observer reporter 2017


FLORIDA-BASED, Jamaican-born businessman/artiste manager Donald Godelia recently launched his website called www.globalforcereggae.com . Globalforce Reggae, he said, aims to promote reggae music globally.

Godelia told Jamaica Observer that he started the website to assist the up-and-coming, as well as established reggae/dancehall artistes.

“Our goal is to work with new and foundation artistes so that they can reach their full potential. We are here for their musical recordings, mixing, mastering, digital distributions, and graphic designs. We will ensure performance rights and help secure royalties for their published/sold songs,” he said.

In addition, Godelia said the website is for reggae and dancehall lovers as well as anyone interested in the history and culture of Jamaica’s lifestyle, food, sports, and economy.

“We have a high interest in the education of Jamaican youths, so, over the years, I have ensured that I make my contribution towards a few schools in St Ann and surrounding areas. We will continue to do several projects as it relates to the youths,” he said.

Currently, Godelia is working with entertainers like Hopeton Lindo, Kharuso, Peninsilyn, Althea Hewitt and Sheryl Rosegreen.

Although the 54-year-old says he shys away from the microphone, his passion for music started as a boy living in Jamaica. Born in Runaway Bay, St Ann, Godelia migrated to the USA in 1989. He was 26 at the time.

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“My father use to play music on a little sound system in Kingston, so it was only natural that I would fall in love with it. He had a little stereo system at home that he was always playing. He had an eight-track tape which I took, along with some other stuff that he had. He was mad at me because I used his stuff to build my own little sound system, so that was my entry into the sound system world,” he said.

The Magnum Force Sound System was launched in Miami in 2000. Godelia said he would travel back and forth to Jamaica to buy records to supply the music stores in sections of Miami. He took his sound system to Jamaica three years later after its genesis.

“We played all over Jamaica but, being away from Jamaica, it was somewhat difficult to maintain the way I wanted it to, so I put it aside and turn my focus to building a recording studio in Miami,” he said.

He later began working with veteran producers Karl Pitterson and Christopher Meridith who built a few rhythms for him in order for him to begin recording his artistes. The rest, he said, was history.