Kemar Francis, better know as “Don Pree” , the pride and joy of Grantspen, is a multi-talented dj, singer, and songwriter.
At the age of 16 Don Pree started his musical journey. He was introduced to Magnumforce Entertainment by his uncle Lucan Francis. He continued to develop his art while attending Jamaica College. In 4th form he was dubbed ‘Don’ by his classmates and teachers alike for his take control attitude towards everything.
Today, Don Pree is hailed as the next fast rising talent in dancehall with hot new singles like, “Bring Your Love” , “Hotsteppa” , “Oh Yea”, “All About The Paper” and “Take You Home”. The love and feed back from fans in England, USA, and Africa are greatly appreciated.
Don Pree has also gained the acknowledgement of some established DJs like Bounty Killer and Masicka ,who feels that the young Dj has what it takes to compete in the industry and truly represent reggae and dancehall music.
Everyday Don Pree seems to gain new fans, whether in Jamaica or internationally as persons become familiar with his style.
Stay tuned for more from Don Pree.


Source: globalforcereggae

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