“There’s just something seriously different about Cmarie!”. “She owns her sound, has her own style of music and her voice is so unique.” “When she sings acapella, it’s as if her voice is already laced with instruments.” “She’s definitely here to change the game!” Is just a few things that listeners have said about Cmarie ever since she has been discovered.

Courtni Cunningham, known by her alias Cmarie, is Jamaican. Born in the parish of St.Andrew but grew up in cool, cool Manchester in a nice little town called Christiana. Cmarie has been in love with music from a very tender age. Her parents always jokes around saying she’ll be a singer when she gets older because she cried a lot. How ironic that her faith turned out to be just that and a mind blowing one too!

Cmarie has no specific genre of music that she does because she’s very versatile in all areas. She sings, rap, DJ, sing J, does reggae, dancehall, pop, rock alternative, you name it. She doesn’t believe In limiting her passion for music so she indulges in all areas if necessary and always does excellent work. Various producers and artistes are always eager to work with her and she’s never not ready.

She composes all her songs herself. She’s been told  she’s the female version of Vybze Kartel “lyrically” on numerous occasions. She doesn’t hesitate because in music she feels there’s always work to be done. Whenever she’s given a new riddim/soundtrack, she gets super excited. Most of her songs took her approximately 20 minutes to complete. She’s always singing, writing, encouraging other young artists that sees her as their mentor or researching something that will contribute to her growth on her musical journey.

Cmarie is currently working under the wings of “Outta Space Records” and has completed numerous hits. She’s currently working on a few projects that will soon be released.