ARTISTES, MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS Globalforce Reggae website can help producers, promoters too

Globalforce Reggae website is a platform designed to promote reggae/dancehall music. This site also shares insights on health, lifestyle and the Jamaican culture. Our main focus is to showcase new and foundation artistes, musicians and producers.

Founder Donald Godelia says, while social media is one of best self-promotional  tools today, there are gaps between social media and the big leagues. Understanding the business of this industry is the biggest problem many artistes face. We’re here to educate everyone to the best of our ability, so you’ll find informational tips on our website . You’ll find articles we recommend that you can  research on your own or ask specific question via the service page. We will work with multiple organization and individuals in the music industry to ensure what is best for your career.

As a song writer, producer and recording engineer, I recommend that everyone in the business take the time to research to get a better understanding of the different parts that make up the industry, a simple breakdown is quality product which starts with lyrics, instruments, recording, mixing, mastering and marketing presentation.

Always seek professional advice before it’s time to make your presentation. Also bear in mind that the most recognized artistes in the world work with producers. The reason is they are professionals and do understand when a product is finished. The fact that you and a few of your friends like the song does not mean it’s good as they might have a bias as a friend but it’s always good to have their support as it helps with your confidence.

A radio dj or sound system selector would be a good person to ask about the quality of your product and don’t rely on one person either. Reach out to a few to get more than one opinion. Also, you can listen to a few song that’s similar to yours and compare to have an idea of what’s missing from yours.

Also, before sending out your product, copyright and register with the proper organization that will represent you worldwide to collect your royalties; to name a few JCAP / ASAP and  BMI. Most public media companies pay royalties but if you are not registered you won’t collect. Make sure to give credit to all who participate in your production.