It’s been just over one year since singer Tafari released Desire Fulfilled , his second album. He is still doing the promotional rounds.

Unforgettable is the latest song from the album being oushed by the Miami-based artiste. Produced by Brett “Beats” Bailey, it follows the R&B/hip hop feel of other tracks on the set, such as All She Wants is Love and Puts It Down. The latter was done with his brother Isat.

Desire Fulfilled made the Billboard Reggae Album chart one week after its October 2016 debut. It has not been a massive seller, but Tafari says the album has done enough to get his music out to a broad audience.

“The target market is all grounds. The Billboard break has established a fan base in the US that supports and looks forward to all my releases,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Rud3 Lov3, his first album, also made the Billboard reggae table in 2014.

Tafari is the son of Big Youth, whose unique toasts on songs like Every Nigger Is a Star and Hit The Road Jack made him a major star during the 1970s.

Unlike his father’s roots-reggae sound, Tafari favours a more commercial approach that appeals to the R&B crowd.

Desire Fulfilled and Rud3 Luv3 are released by his Rud3 label.