Sherell Rosegreen was born in the beautiful parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica and has been in the music business since the tender age of 5.She grew up in a Christian household. Her father a Bishop and her mother was An evangelist. While living in Jamaica, Sherell was involved in ministering at many church events. At one of her events (1985) she was playing the guitar, and Bishop Andrews from New Jersey was in the audience. He became intrigued by the anointing on Sherell’s life and extended an invitation for her to visit his church in the United States to sing and play the guitar. In 1986, Sherell took up the Bishop on his offer and migrated to the United States. In 1990 sherell record her first single call serious relationship, the respond was minimal but she was determine to fallow her dreams.

In 2002,Sherell lost her beloved Mom and became motivated to sing over the famous Shirley Cesar song “No Charge”. Sherell single ‘No Charge’—was made very popular by the uniqueness of the different musical and words arrangement. It was well received by her fans and the response was overwhelming. It was voted best selling single and the most requested song on Reggae Radio. Actually that song was signed by an international label called VP records. That particular song was heart wrenching & tear jerking to everyone. The passion is which she sing the song bring children closer to their mom. Most importantly, because of the principles and values that have been instilled in her by her Mom, has now afforded Sherell the opportunity to be the best Mom possible to her 2 children, Dajah and Jayden.

Throughout Sherell’s journey, she has been through many obstacles. However, she has always been aware the test comes to strengthen the testimony. With being said, in 2004 Sherell came out with her first CD called Better Days. The name of the CD was derived from all of the obstacles that she had encountered. For example, she lost her Mom, she was incarcerated, and she lost her new born baby because of an abusive relationship. With all of her tribulations, God has been good. In 2005 The CD Better Days has done very well and a couple of the tracks on the CD have been nominated and awarded as best inspiration song on the year both in South Florida and New York respectively. And in 2007 track # 11 was nominated along with George Nooks and Carlene Davis for best inspirational song of the year. Track # 17 is well loved all over the world. She has few tracks that were signed by BMG RECORDS. They were so intrigued with her uniqueness. Immediately they offer to sign a few of her songs.There response was they are only few voices out there like Sherell’s

Sherell shared the same stage with well known artiste such as Dottie Peoples, Papa San the Winans. Carlene Davis. Dobby Dobson only to name a few. Sherell also minister on TBN trinity broadcasting Network there she was well received.

Apart from Sherell’s passion to bring forth music, she is also very passionate in being the voice for young ladies that have been physically abused. As for Sherell “I have the platform, and will do whatever is in my power to let ladies know that they should not tolerate abusive relationships”. To demonstrate her seriousness on this issue, Sherell is now the host of a television broadcast called ‘Take It by Force’ where the focus is aimed at abusive relationships.

Sherell is also an author her first book,titled ‘Abused Under His Charm, it’s a book that will motivate women who are in abusive relationships or is out of the relationship but having a hard time coping with the after math.

Sherell is very ecstatic about her new CD released in January 2009—called ‘Break every chain’. One of the songs that will be on this CD is dedicated to battered women entitled ‘I was a Victim’. The focal aim of this song is to encourage women in these situations that there is hope.

The prayer of Sherell Rosegreen dedicated to her fans: “Father, take me from where I am to where you want me to be. Make a way for me where there is no way. Grant me the power to be fulfilled, successful and prosperous in my life. Let all the impossible begin to become possible for me in every department. Make me to break loose from every obstacle AMEN.