Blazing trails – Linstead native becomes first Jamaican female marine engineer officer on CarnivalFor the first time, Jamaica will have a female marine engineer officer aboard a Carnival Cruise Line vessel. ⁣

Seychelle Bailey, a final-year student at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), will join the engineering crew on the world’s most popular cruise company when they set sail in August. ⁣

The Linstead St. Catherine native told us that she sees this as an opportunity of a lifetime, and she intends to represent the CMU and gain additional competence. ⁣

“I’ve always wanted to work on-board a passenger vessel, so when I was selected, it was like a dream come true,” she said

“My main goal now is to use what I’ve learned at CMU and gain additional skills that will reduce human error while I am at sea.” ⁣

Speaking about her journey at CMU, Seychelle stated that it was always her desire to pursue a ‘non-traditional’ career, which influenced her decision to pursue a career at sea. ⁣

“I always wanted to do something different in terms of my career, so it wasn’t a hard choice,” she said. “I remember while at the Queen’s School, I did a career evaluation and discovered that my interests are more aligned with engineering field.” ⁣

This discovery led her to do additional research on careers in engineering, where she came across marine engineering – a male dominated field. ⁣

“It was while researching engineering degree programmes, I discovered CMU and its marine engineering programme.”