The Jamaican patty is an expression of the Jamaican people. It’s history is derivative from the British Cornish pasty, enhanced by the cayenne pepper of the African salves and curry from the East Indian indentured servants that came to Jamaica. The Jamaican patty will also contain the omnipresent scotch bonnet pepper, which is a favorite in many Jamaican recipes. The patty is very popular with the Jamaican lunch time crowd.

Two of the most famous names in patties are Tastee and Juici. Vincent Chang of Tastee, opened his first shop in Union Square, Cross Roads in 1966. And Jukie Chin of Juici opened his first shop 1980 in May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica. Both companies employees thousand of persons all over the island.

You can find patties with a variety of filings, like beef, chicken, lobster or vegetables.

As Jamaicans moved to UK, Canada and America they took the patty recipe with them. The patty can now be found in most Caribbean grocery and restaurants. The first Saturday in August is celebrated a National Patty Day in New York started by Golden Krust. Golden Krust opened their first store in Bronx, New York in 1989. They now have several franchised in the U.S.

Jamaican patties are tasty, inexpensive and filing. By themselves or paired with a coco-bread, patties are simple delicious! One of the best fast food you’ll ever eat!