Anla Rhodeen Samuels born October 15, 1982 to Charmaine Westney and Hubert Samuels in St. Elizabeth Jamaica. Anla’s first singing experience was with the Black River Pentecostal Church on the children’s choir. Anla and her mother moved to Mandeville when she was thirteen, and that’s when she started taking interest in reggae music. She graduated from Belfield High School and also attend Jamaica Bible College and Community Institute. There she was given the opportunity to travel to Canada as an exchange student.
During high school, Anla performed in the JCDC festival competition and was awarded with a silver medal one year. Around age nineteen she went into Sting Ray Studio where she met Garnet Silk’s brother, Lidge Amloc. Anla took the opportunity as a backup singer for him along with his brothers Aron and Omar Silk and went to Canada for the second time. They performed on the Montreal Reggae Festival. While there she also entered and won Toronto Go Hard or Go Home Song Competition.
Throughout her career, Anla has opened for several artistes like Frankie Paul, Sanchez, Luciano, Etana, Ifrica, Marcia Griffiths and Morgan Heritage. She also sang back up for George Nuks.
Anla has a sweet, melodious voice that will have you begging for more once you hear songs like ‘Zion’ which she performed with Mountain Edge Band out of Canada, and ‘Our Love’ for Dizzy Minott the owner of The Arsenal Ska Band. Anla is currently working on a single, “I Love The Vibes” from her upcoming album with production company Globalforce Reggae.
Remember her name, Anla, she’s on the rise!!