YEZA, derives from the name Yezambique, which means ‘Strength and Resilience’ in Swahili. This young  Reggae Royalty  hails from the eastern Kingston community of Bullbay in Jamaica. As a singer-songwriter, Yeza is confident about her message and wants to liberate African minds through her music.  

YEZA is steadily building her fan base locally in Jamaica, and aims to make an impact on the world through her music, iconic melodies, lyrical prowess and beautiful yet militant demeanour.  “I want all the real roots reggae music lovers to continue supporting my music, meditate on my messages, hold a vibe, and enjoy my live performances” – YEZA.

The world was introduced to Yeza in 2017 with the release of her singles “Everything is Irie”, and “Nah Guh Argue” recorded at the legendary Digital B Recording Studio on the classic ‘Hotmilk’ and ‘Stalag’ riddim, and was released through VPAL and Calibud music and is available on all digital media and sales platforms. 


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