Sykah, born Rodney Anthony Warsop, hails from Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica. He started doing music from a tender age at Mandeville Primary & Junior High. From then on, he hasn’t stopped chasing his dreams. He states, “music is my life. I must say it was challenging getting were I am now but nevertheless, I always knew that with dedication and hard work comes success.”
Apart from music, Sykah likes playing football and spending time with his ‘brand new’ baby girl. “Being a father is of the utmost important to me and to set the right example for her.” He didn’t have much of a helping hand growing up , apart from his talent and his best friend Chani-I, who is a music junkie just like he is. He did his first song called ‘Lockdown’ in 2011 and sent it to his ‘father-figure’ friend and confidant, Tyson of Lakeway Music which he had known for quite some time. After listening to the song, Tyson decided that it was clear Sykah was destined to do music and would assist him with his career. Tyson became Sykah’s manager and producer. “He is more like a father than a manager to me,” says Sykah. He saw my potential and decided to invest in my talent.”
Sykah and Tyson went to see Freeze of Zionnoiz Records and began recording on some tracks. “Wine Baby Wine” was the first song to be released, followed by ‘Tic Toc’ and ‘Lockdown,’ which were all recently released, digitally on Itunes, Amazon and other worldwide sites by Lakeway Music thru VPAL, the digital distribution arm of VP Records.



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