Rushan Cross Breed: RohanPeterjohnMcmorris aka Rushan Cross Breed was born 03 January 1986 to a legendary family; he is the son of reggae superstar – Little John. Rushan was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica went high school in St Elizabeth At an early age Rushan’s parents realized that their son possessed musical attributes as he developed a passion for creating songs and performing on stage; he was definitely destined for success from birth…they encouraged him to pursue his goal.
Little John, artist of popular reggae/dancehall hits such as” Clark’s Booty”, “True Confession” and “All Over Me” is truly an inspiration to his son. Rushan studied the music industry – the good, bad and indifference mostly while in the company of his famous father.
During this time, Rushan Cross Breed quickly realized that fame came with a price and even the best artists goes undiscovered as they are not financially stable to reach their goals. He envisioned having his own label.
Growing up as a child, Rushan always accompanied his dad to studios such as King Jammys, Youthman Promotion, Anchor and Dynamics Sounds Recording Studio. The gifted aspiring artist mingled with reggae icons such as Sugar Minott, Eddy Fitzroy, Tristan Palmer, Jimmy Riley Freddie McGregor and Ninjaman.
He reports, ” While watching them in action I noticed traits of perseverance, dedication, patience, perfection and unity.
Rushan Cross Breed has always been determine to create musical masterpieces that reflect his feelings of deprivation, destitute and hopelessness. He states, “I strive for excellence as I yearned even more to understand injustice within the judicial system and our lack of mentors for youths especially in my country.
Rushan Cross Breed is inspired to write songs such as “Proverty”, “Fly Away”, “Sufferation” and “Time Is So Hard”, due to personal experiences of ups and down, tribulations and trials and also hurts and frustrations.
His lyrical focus has to do with mental slavery, prejudice, stereotype and segregation.
So how did he end up experiencing these things? He states that In his earlier life he was basically “spoiled” but as he grew older he wanted to be independent and not live in the “shadow” of his father.
Rushan declares that his father attained success through hard work and dedication. Rushan wanted to become his successor but wanted to learn from his own mistakes and not have things “handed” to him on a silver platter. He strive to make a name for himself which he eventually did.
Rushan Crossbreed has encountered many barriers as he strives to accomplish his mission of carrying on the legacy of his father, however, the acclaimed remains adamant and focused on his relationship with the Almighty.
Rushan Cross Breed is not just a dynamic and Superior artist, but also a true philanthropist, a visionary persona and most of all a proud father. He is an exemplary figure of integrity and portrays good mannerisms to his offspring .
Despite betrayals, disappointments and failures, Rushan Cross Breed encourages everyone to never stop trying. Rushan considers failures to be typical learning experiences that prepares one for future conquests
Rushan Cross Breed hopes to help others to attain their dreams. He intends to own a lucrative business that establishes the career of other artists that are focused, gifted and determine.
Rushan Cross Breed often escapes the fast city life to find balance and solace. He confides that his Christian upbringing helps to enhance his style and creativity.
Although at one point he believes that he lived a wayward life, he sometimes “goes into his shell” and communicates with God on a heightened spiritual dimensions often seeking for direction.
Rushan often remind others that people are mere humans and should remain humble at all times.
Currently, Rushan Cross Breed is contemplating and inscribing words of wisdom for his new upcoming album. He is focused on musical projects that causes his fans to gain a realistic insight of world epidemic, economic crisis and global warfare.#teamcrossbreed