Adriene Higgins aka “Rayven Amani” grew up in Montego Bay Jamaica a very restricted child, restricted by her parents from watching television or listening to the radio because of their strong religious belief which had them thinking that such things were instruments of the devil used to influence persons to do wrong, this did not stop this Recording Artiste/Songwriter/Creator/Producer of Jamaica’s Best School Band from going after her dream.
The liberated Libran driven by her passion for music did what many persons would consider the unthinkable which is to break the fourth commandment by disregarding her parents instructions and desires and started doing voice training at Hat some Music Camp..
This musical rebel, known for her silky smooth vocals and impressive songwriting skills, also ventured into hosting the cable T.V. network program “Yaad Beat” showcasing her captivating personality. With a bright spark, Rayven Amani created her own show and embarked on producing the programme “Jamaica’s Best School Band” (J.B.S.B ),the first inter high school stage band competition for television, featuring high school bands from across Jamaica, taken through weeks of intense performances for judges, music icons Mr. Lloyd Parks O.D, Mr. Ibo Cooper O.D, audiences of their peers, teachers, family members and the general public. J.B.S.B is now being carried on Irie Jam Media Group out of New York and set for Ready TV, Hometime TV, PBCJ. The programme launched in 2014 has since added a Junior category for Preparatory and Primary Schools, awarded top school bands with over 20 musical instruments including drum set, saxophones, clarinets, flutes, recording sessions with legendary producers and thousands in cash prizes…
Rayven Amani is now recording with top producers Paul “Computer Paul” Henton of Bootcamp Records, Othniel “Taddy P” Campbell of Bass Inna Yuh Face records, Di Kru Productions/Dubtonic Kru and is working towards releasing her EP in 2018. She describes her music as “Different kinda riot”.
In 2016 she formed her band “Mission Driven”, members include her son Jalon on keyboards, Drummer Odane Thomas, Musical director/ Keyboard player/ Vocalist Dean Mitchell, now with a number of well received performances under their belt including Gungo Walk Festival, Jamaica Music Conference Welcome Reception, Ministry of Labour & Social Security School Tour…
March 1, 2018 marked the launch of the fifth season of “Jamaica’s Best School Band” and the “mission driven” Rayven Amani with singles “Black Without Apology”, “My Darling” currently being distributed by “Music Specialist” and receiving airplay, is once again in the spotlight.
Creative, dedicated, determined, multi-faceted are few words one could use to describe her, as she is now poised to take her place among the finest in the Reggae music industry







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