Christopher Thompson, artists name” Kriss Jonson”, split from group 4efek in June 2017 and sign as a solo recording contract with Cross The Line Production.

Christopher Thompson, a Jamaican pop rock singer-songwriter was born in Kingston Jamaica. Father Cleveland “MelloTee” Thompson, a veteran recording artiste and mother Sandra Tapper, manager/ producer. In 1998 the family moved to Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica where his musical career began. His first musical experience, at the tender age of 11 years old, was singing in the church. He was the youngest member of the choir and he was also the lead singer.
Growing up listening to Michael Jackson, Kriss developed a talent for both singing and dancing. During his high school freshman year the young artist began building his performance reputation, and came to be known as “Little Michael Jackson”.

Kriss aspired to take his music career to the next level and began performing, whenever he got the opportunity, as a solo artist at small shows to build recognition for himself. In 2010 he was approached by a former teacher to perform at the birthday celebration of a female student. Kriss provided the vocals and was joined by Dale Ellis on the guitar. They serenaded the birthday girl and the audience went wild. The performance was successful and enjoyed tremendously by all attending. After that performance Kriss and Dale joined forces and performed together on multiple shows. That same year Kriss decided, while relaxing, singing and putting harmonies together with a bunch of schoolmates after a performance at Green Pond High School Coral Service, that it was time to form a group.
The journey began in the year 2010, at Green Pond High School where Christopher (Kriss), who aspired to become a solo artist, was attending a concert with friends. There they combined their vocal talents and began singing together. Kriss liked the sound and blends of harmonies and formed the group called ‘Insanity’. They began performing at various school concerts and functions. Although undergoing several transitions in members the group continued performing while attending high school until 2012. It was now time for graduation from high school but definitely not from this wonderful sound they had developed. They decided to continue performing together after graduation, and the group was renamed “4EFEK”.
In 2014, they received the break that they had been working towards. They recorded “Boyfriend”, a song of their own with the musical skills, expertise, and guidance of entertainer/Producer Mackie Conscious. “Boyfriend”, a POP song, got them some rotation and won them a place on a few prominent shows including Reggae Sumfest 2014 Beach Party, Caribbean Shrimp Festival 2014, and Independence Gala at Sam Sharp Square, where they shared the stage with the likes of Twin of Twins, Mackie Conscious, Prissy G, Sister Skully and other prominent acts.
As the year 2015 approach, it was announce that 4EFEK will be performing on a numerous amount of shows. To name a few: The Fine Art Exibition, The Mothers day show held in “4EFEK” is now releasing their EP called “Cross The Line” constructed of three songs on their EP (Cross the line, Don’t Wanna Go Home and Boyfriend) produced and Manage by Sandra Tapper & Sean Davis of Cross The Line Production (C.T.L.P)in Montego Bay,Jamaica.
His last performance in the name 4Efek, Irwin High School Fun Day May 2017.

Following his departure from 4Efek, Kriss Jonson alluded to the potential of a Solo career , with the release of his first solo song “Bae Back”, release by Cross The Line Production, produced by Sandra Tapper.
During this time “Bae Back” getting a lot of recognition, His first performance at Trelawny Agriculture Festival Show, The Western Country Pageant Show.
Now he back in studio preparing to launch is first solo EP and preparing for is show Reggae Party And Stage Show.

Source: Crossthelineproduction


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