Roots reggae singer, Keithus I’s sound has been described as timeless and vibrant. Although an old name to some, he’s new to many and definitely an artist to follow. Growing up in the heart of Reggae’s music capital, Kingston, Jamaica in the 60s where the rhythmic accents of reggae was born and just being introduced to the world. Milton Samuels aka Keithus I was inspired by the 70’s sound Roots music became the order of the day for a while during this decade and many in the younger generation identified with and supported this new ‘movement’ within the industry. His first official album “Then and Now” is a 2-disc cd offering his timely classics along with never released music. A few tracks were rescued from water damage from Hurricane Gilbert including Jah No Partial and Free & When. The first disc is a collection of 70’s recording with a deep roots culture, lyrics and rhythm. Keithus I collaborated with greats such as Aston “Family Man” Barrett from the former Wailers Band, along with his brother Carlton. Legendary Gladston Anderson, Tyrone Downie Pablo Black, Noel “sowel” Bailey, Freddie McGregor just to name a few. The second disc offers a more contemporary sound with all new music. Despite the fresher flavor Keithus I stays true to his deep roots with a Reggae blues flavor.

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