Jamaican Folk Singers Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Jamaican Folk Singers

In 1966, the Government of Jamaica spearheaded a project to collect and research Jamaica’s folk music. Olive Lewin, was appointed to do this work. It did not take long for her to realise the richness, variety and significance of Jamaica’s folk music heritage, and how little of it most of us knew.

From this, the journey of The Jamaican Folk Singers started on March 15, 1967, when Dr Olive Lewin, gathered a group of friends to join her as part of a folk singing group, with the primary aim being that of unearthing and exposing the beauty and artistic worth of Jamaica’s folk music heritage.

Additionally, there was the aim of taking some of the wealth of Jamaica’s folk music heritage to many areas of society where it would normally be used or even heard.

It has been 50 years of deeply satisfying work which has been met with numerous challenges along the way.


The group recognises and shows appreciation for those individuals and private sector organisations that still embrace the significance and importance of the work and mission of The Jamaican Folk Singers, including LASCO, GC & Associates, Grace, Kennedy Limited, Nestle Jamaica Limited, Island Smiles, Mother’s Enterprises, Kingston Wharves, BDO and Ernst and Young.

As the group marks this anniversary, the members celebrate the life of Dr Olive Lewin, founder and guiding light of the group. Through her words and life, she has taught about love and respect and how essential these elements are for personal growth, and, in the case of The Jamaican Folk Singers, for the continued growth and success of the group.