J-Rile was born Daniel Comrie, June 16, 1993 and grew up in Oracabessa, St. Mary. His grandfather nicknamed him Jugu Riley when he was six years old but the name was later tweaked by his management team (LSMG) to J-Rile when they signed him professionally. His interest in music started from a young age and grew up singing in the church. By age thirteen, he began writing rhymes in high school after being inspired by his favorite rapper 50 Cents “Get Rich or Die Trying” album in 2003 and was determined to be a rapper. After completing Oracabessa High school, determined to become a recording artiste he gave up rapping and began to pen dancehall lyrics as he couldn’t envision finding mainstream success from rapping in Jamaica.

He then recorded a song “Enjoy yuh life” which caught the ear of Harris the co-founder of LSMG, who introduced him to his partner Dougie in 2014 and the rest was history. In 2015, he recorded and shot his first commercial track and music video “Tun it up” under LSMG label which caught the attention of a few major players in the local and international music industry. To date, J-rile have released an EP and several songs such as “So High”, “Picture mi Life ft Cuzn”, “Hardway”, “Broken Souls” (tribute to Harris’ 13 y/o nephew who was murdered) to name a few as he continues to make his name a well-known brand. He has worked with several different producers.

J-Rile believe he was chosen by music and compares it to medicine. His explanation for this comparison is that “music is a cure, medicine cures illnesses and music cures the mind and heals the soul.”


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